Gulf Air exhibits its products, services

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Gulf Air exhibits its products, services Gulf Air at the congress.
11:54 PM

Gulf Air - the national carrier of Bahrain – participated in the 8th World Chambers Congress, which concluded yesterday at the Qatar National Convention Centre in Doha.
Organised by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)’s World Chambers Federation and hosted by the Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the congress provided a venue for local, regional and international businesses to showcase their services.  
Gulf Air country manager (Qatar) Wael Mattar said, “As Bahrain’s national carrier, Gulf Air plays an important role as the flying ambassador of the country. We are pleased to be able to showcase our unique product and service offering to the Qatari market, reinforcing our position as the region’s most business- and family-friendly airline.”
Gulf Air currently operates one of the largest networks in the Middle East. It also has one of the youngest fleets and best on-time-performance.

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