Turkish Airlines, Grand Hyatt bring ‘Tike’ to town

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Turkish Airlines, Grand Hyatt bring ‘Tike’ to town Mehmed Kursad Caymaz with guests.
11:35 PM

Turkish Airlines and Grand Hyatt are hosting Tike - Istanbul’s well-known culinary destination - in Doha for a week from April 24.
Tike, founded in 1998 by four cousins in Adana, serves traditional charcoal grilled lamb and chicken kebabs, a range of Turkish appetisers and fresh salads. The kebabs are influenced by the authentic traditions of Turkey, Greece, Ukraine and Northern Cyprus. A preview of this culinary experience was showcased for guests, with chefs Sema,
Nadir and Bulent presenting their dishes.
Mehmed Kursad Caymaz, general manager of Turkish Airlines in Qatar, said: “With Turkey being one of the most preferred holiday and business destinations for the people of Qatar, we are bringing a slice of the Turkish holiday experience to the country. Tike is one of the famed gastronomic experiences in the country, and we are delighted to present it to the people of Qatar. We are thankful to Grand Hyatt for hosting this celebration.”
“The collaboration is part of Hyatt’s plan to perfect and become a benchmark in the hospitality industry,” said Grand Hyatt general manager Christoph K Franzen, “We are excited about the new promotion at The Grill and happy to support an internationally acclaimed restaurant like Tike.”

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