Peru, Qatar agree to avoid double taxation

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Peru, Qatar agree to avoid double taxation From left: Enrique Pintado, Cristina De la Piedra, Moftah Jassim al-Moftah and other officials.
1:05 AM

A Peruvian delegation from the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the National Tax and Customs Authority has visited Doha to hold talks for the signing of the bilateral agreement to avoid double taxation.
According to the Peruvian Embassy, the agreement tends to reduce taxes of one treaty country for residents of the other in order to avoid double taxation of the same income, thereby becoming a helpful tool to encourage foreign investment between both countries.
The delegation was led by Enrique Pintado, Chief of Tax Ruling. Following three days of negotiations earlier this month, the first round of discussions concluded in Doha. Peru and Qatar worked out the finer details of the agreement and had already found some common ground.
Shortly this year, Director of the Public Revenue and Tax Department in the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Moftah Jassim al-Moftah, will travel to Peru to resume talks on reviewing pending provisions of the bilateral treaty with the aim of finding a mutually acceptable and beneficial outcome, a mission statement said.

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