Qatar Steel holds traders’ gathering

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Qatar Steel holds traders’ gathering Qatar Steel officials, dignitaries, traders and distributors at the event.
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Qatar Steel recently hosted the 10th Traders’ Annual Gathering as part of its marketing strategy to enhance ties with local and regional accredited traders.
An official ceremony was held at The St Regis in Doha in recognition of the efforts of Qatar Steel’s traders. The event was attended by a large number of traders and distributors, both local and regional, Qatar Steel officials, including its director and general manager Ali bin Hasan al-Muraikhi, divisional and departmental managers, senior employees, other dignitaries and high-ranking officials.
In his inaugural address, al-Muraikhi thanked the traders for finding the time to engage in fruitful interactions with Qatar Steel officials. He also expressed delight at the fact that this year’s gathering coincided with the 35th anniversary of Qatar Steel’s commencement of commercial production.
“Since its inception, Qatar Steel Company has taken quantum leaps and witnessed several achievements. It constantly strives to achieve sustainable development in all fields - economic, in terms of human resource, social and environmental - in compliance with Qatar’s National Vision 2030,” he asserted.
Al-Muraikhi stressed that Qatar Steel has “achieved outstanding growth and become one of the leading steel companies in the Arabian Gulf, establishing itself in the local and Gulf markets, thanks to its high-quality steel products and outstanding customer services.” He concluded his address by recalling that 2012 was a “successful and ideal year” for Qatar Steel in terms of operational performance and revenue.
Ahmed Abdul Aziz al-Ansari, commercial division manager at Qatar Steel, praised the traders and distributors for being ambassadors of the company around the region and for helping it penetrate strategic markets.

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