QMA brings renowned photographer to Doha

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QMA brings renowned photographer to Doha
12:23 AM

HE Sheikha Mayassa with Geddes and her team. The objective of the project is to produce a series of 12 images portraying local athletes with newborns and children.

Qatar Museums Authority (QMA), in collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation’s Women’s Hospital, has commissioned world-renowned photographer Anne Geddes to undertake a project in Doha. The objective is to produce a series of 12 images portraying local athletes with newborns and children.
Featuring past and current athletes and children of various ages, the project aims to demonstrate that a healthy lifestyle, beginning in childhood by taking part in sports and general exercise, can effectively reduce the incidence of Type 2 diabetes within the Qatari population. The series of photographs produced by Geddes will be used in future exhibitions, social media, catalogues and publications.
QMA chairperson HE Sheikha Mayassa bint Hamad al-Thani visited the studio where the photographer and her team are working.
“We are delighted to be working with the world-renowned photographer, Anne Geddes, on this important project, an initiative of HE Sheikha Mayassa,” said Jean Paul Engelen, director of public art at the QMA. “Geddes’s photographs are admired by millions around the world. These photographs remind us of the miracle of life and the strong bond between parents and their children. Like the athletes, each newborn has the chance to become an inspiration for the next generation. This project can be followed on the QMA and Anne Geddes Facebook pages.”
Geddes, an Australian-born photographer, clothing designer and businesswoman, is renowned for images that capture the beauty, purity, vulnerability and preciousness of children, embodying her belief that each and every child must be protected, nurtured and loved.
Her work has been published in 83 countries and her books have sold more than 18mn copies worldwide.
Geddes is a partner of United Nations Foundation’s Every Woman Every Child initiative. In 2012, she became the global advocate for Shot@Life, a campaign that aims to provide access to life-saving vaccines in developing countries.

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