Pools and spas event returns in November

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Pools and spas event returns in November Officials at the launch of the 2nd International Exhibition and Conference for Swimming Pools and Spas.
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By Hamza Jilani/Staff Reporter

Exhibitions and conferences organiser Heights, with the support of Watermaster Qatar as sponsor and the partnership of the Qatar Civil Defence Department, has announced the launch of the 2nd International Exhibition and Conference for Swimming Pools and Spas, which is to be held in November.
The announcement was made by senior officials of the partners, who included Civil Defence Department’s Prevention Division director Brigadier Ibrahim al-Muftah, Heights Exhibitions and Conferences chief executive Waleed Wahba, Watermaster Holding chairman Khalil Boueri, and Investment Holding Group chief executive Waleed Shtayeh.
This year’s exhibition, also known as QPS 2013, will be held from November 6-8 at the Doha International Exhibition Centre.
Building on the success and positive feedback of the 2012 conference, which saw 15 participants from the Middle East, Asia and Europe, this year’s edition aims to attract 30 participants from all around the world to take advantage of a 50% increase in exhibition space, at 7,500sq m.
To date over 85% of the companies that took part in the 2012 edition have confirmed participation in this year’s edition, according to Heights boss Wahba.
Professionals from around the world are to showcase their most recent technologies and experiences in safety and security of swimming pools usage.
This is where the participation of the Qatar Civil Defence Department is key.
“Our main objective has always been to protect and serve the people of Qatar. We are proud to be a part of this exhibition,” said Brigadier al-Muftah. “While pools are a common luxury in schools and hotels and other areas in our country, we need to know how to enjoy them in a safe manner. Our children use these pools and if we aren’t able to educate them and the people who monitor them, then we’re at risk no matter the luxury.”

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