‘Most expensive’ Bangladeshi telefilm premieres at Doha event

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‘Most expensive’ Bangladeshi telefilm premieres at Doha event
12:00 AM

A poster of ‘Play’ being unveiled at the ceremony
Bangladesh Businessmen Association of Doha hosted reception to popular Bangladeshi private satellite channel ‘Channel 1’ managing director Abdul Muqeed Majumder and his wife and culinary expert and TV personality Keka Ferdousi.
Bangladesh Ambassador Mohamed Shadat Hossain was the guest of honour at the event attended by Bangladeshi businessmen.
Bangladesh MHM School and College director Major (Retd) Nasir Uddin Ahmed introduced the guests. The ambassador assured all assistance for the future ventures of Channel 1 and Impress Group, which is also headed by Majumder.
The programme was followed by the premiere of the most expensive Bangladeshi telefilm, Play, by 24-year-old Bangladeshi expatriate Mohamed Shamsul Islam Bhuiyan, known as M-SIB in the media field.
M-SIB is the writer, director and action and dance choreographer of Play which is to be telecast by Channel I.
“The reaction is awesome, people have loved it,” he said. Majumder congratulated M-SIB and thanked the event organisers. Bangladesh Businessmen Association convener Ohid Bhuiyan presided.

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