Slight progress in former Nepal prince’s condition, say doctors

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Slight progress in former Nepal prince’s condition, say doctors Paras Shah
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Nepal’s former crown prince Paras Shah, who is being treated in Thailand following a cardiac arrest, showed slight improvement but is yet to regain his consciousness, doctors said yesterday.

Doctors, in a statement, said they have been successful to stop the bleeding in Shah’s stomach but his blood pressure was low.

The doctors found internal bleeding in Shah’s abdomen on Sunday. They, however, said the former crown prince has not regained his consciousness.

According to the Ekantipur news portal, the doctors have been working to make 42-year-old Paras’s blood pressure normal. It has been said despite the partial improvement in his health condition Shah still remains in critical condition.

Paras has been undergoing treatment at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital in Bangkok since Tuesday.

In September 2007, Paras had been admitted to the Norvic International Hospital in Kathmandu after he suffered a mild heart attack.

Paras, who as crown prince, was unpopular for his playboy type of lifestyle, has been staying in Bangkok for some time, though his wife Himani and other family members are in Nepal.




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