Casio unveils ‘smart’ watches

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Casio unveils ‘smart’ watches Nagai (second right) and Domasco officials unvei the new collections of Casio watches yesterday. PICTURE: Najeer Feroke.
11:00 PM

By Joey Aguilar/Staff Reporter

Casio and Domasco yesterday unveiled a new line of shock-resistant watches which can connect with smartphones using its Bluetooth device.
Tsuneo Nagai, managing director of Casio Middle East, told Gulf Times that the new features and colours of the watches will match the young generation’s lifestyle especially those fond of music.
Connected with a smartphone, the G-Shock can notify the user through an audio alert or vibration when there is an incoming call or e-mail.
“Users can operate the phone’s music system through the watch’s Bluetooth,” explained Nagai.
It also has a unique bezel intended to protect the watch’s face glass and buttons if dropped. To pair it with a smartphone, the user can simply press a button to set different useful features.
Rust, dust and mud-resistant, its “Master of G” series was designed for the most extreme environments. Part of this collection is the Rangeman GW-9400 which can forecast sudden changes in the weather using barometric information.
These new models incorporate triple sensors to measure compass bearing, altitude/atmospheric pressure, and temperature - a first for a G-Shock watch.
Many rangers and rescuers use these watches because of their sensor-based features, needed during various rescue operations. Pressing a button will activate its stopwatch and time stamp function.
G-Shock is one of Casio’s most popular and bestseller watches with shipments of more than 65mn units.
Nagai also presented some of the features of other collections such as Baby G and Sheen (for female), Protek, and Edifice - tagged as “the best functional sports chronograph.” Prices start from QR300 to more than QR2,000.
Some of its Protek line watches include the PRG-270 which combines high performance and operability. It comes in five colour options. It is also equipped with the Tough Solar power system which “offers the functions and operability needed by those that enjoy outdoor adventure.”
Casio, through Domasco, will be opening a new shop in City Center Doha soon, the official added.

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