Police on alert in Hyderabad, intensify checking

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Police on alert in Hyderabad, intensify checking Police check the baggage of a passenger outside a railway station in Secunderabad, the twin city of Hyderabad yesterday.
9:15 PM

Commandos of Octopus, the anti-terror agency of the Andhra Pradesh police, continued security checks in Hyderabad for a second day yesterday as part of heightened security measures following last month’s terror attacks.

The Organisation for Counter Terrorist Operation (Octopus) personnel conducted checks at the state secretariat, the seat of governance, and several public places.

Two days ahead of Shivratri festival, different wings of the police intensified checking across the city as a precautionary measure, while armed police stepped up patrolling.

The police were seen checking vehicles and frisking people in busy areas. Police teams along with sniffer dogs were conducting checks at shopping malls, cinemas, parks and other public places. Security has also been beefed up around places of worship.

In an attempt to sensitise people on security, cautionary messages were blared at busy intersections. The messages in Telugu, Urdu and English advise people to remain alert and inform police about any suspicious item, vehicle or person.

Director General of Police V Dinesh Reddy told reporters yesterday that the checks were routine in view of Shivratri and were being conducted all over the state. He clarified that the police have not received any specific alert from intelligence agencies.

“I appeal to the people of Hyderabad not to panic. These are routine checks. Don’t believe the rumours,” he said.


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