Alijarah to acquire Al Nasr Driving School, Petro Qatar

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Alijarah to acquire Al Nasr Driving School, Petro Qatar
2:30 AM

Alijarah Holding (previously, National Leasing Company) is all geared up to fully acquire Al Nasr Modern Driving School and Petro Qatar for Industrial Projects.

“Alijarah Holding will acquire both Al Nasr Modern Driving School and Petro Qatar for Industrial Projects 100%, in accordance with the strategies adopted by the group to expand the business and develop its resources,” its vice chairman Salem bin Butti al-Nuaimi said at an extra-ordinary general assembly where shareholders approved the acquisition plan.

However, al-Nuaimi didn’t give the financial details of the acquisitions and how it would be funded by Alijarah.

Alijarah Holding owns Alijarah Limousine, the company which operates taxi services by providing 500 vehicles to meet the market demand.

Due to the constant growth of business in Qatar and the evident boom in the different areas of the economy, Alijarah opted for acquiring Petro Qatar, which won the tender from Mowasalat “Karwa” to run 500 taxis.

“This deal will contribute significantly to the development of the group’s potential and will expand their business by increasing the number of vehicles operating in the taxi service in line with the increase in population,” he said.

The acquisition of Al Nasr Modern Driving School enriches Alijarah’s aspirations in developing the capacity of drivers and giving greater opportunities for training on scientific and sophisticated basis, especially in light of the increasing number of applicants for driver’s licences who wish to receive quality training, according to him.

“Alijarah Holding will work on developing the school to raise the efficiency of trainees and providing them with modern technology,” al-Nuaimi said.

The general assembly empowered the board to implement the decisions, complete the acquisitions and finalise all procedures with the competent authorities in the country.


Forum focuses on steps needed for Qatar to become research hub

Shell was a “premier partner” of the two-day Doha Energy Forum hosted by Texas A&M University at Qatar.

The event allowed industry experts and global thought leaders to debate the game changers in the energy industry and the steps needed for Qatar to become a global research and development hub.

“Shell is honoured to partner with the Gulf Intelligence Energy Forum. The dialogue allowed us to hear firsthand the views of HE Dr Mohamed bin Saleh al-Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry along with other industry thought leaders’, said Wael Sawan, managing director and chairman of Qatar Shell. “Forums like this are immensely important for knowledge exchange and networking,” he said.

Qatar Shell’s senior leadership contributed to various sessions at the forum.

On day one, Youssif Saleh, general manager of Qatar Shell’s Research & Technology Centre, gave a speech on ‘Maximising Production and Knowledge Transfer in 21st Century Partnership’.

He highlighted some examples of this in Qatar. “Together with our partners, Qatar Petroleum, and more recently, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, we have been working on unlocking human potential in Qatar by transferring project management knowledge to the region in the form of Tafawoq, a top institute for competency development in project management in Qatar supported by the Shell Project Academy.”

Tafawoq’s long-term objective, underpinning the Qatar National Vision 2030, aims to be the sustainable operational vehicle that matures the profession of project management in Qatar. Last year, some 95 students graduated through the programme. The second day focused on research and development in Qatar commencing with an interview with Faisal al-Suwaidi, president of research and development at Qatar Foundation of Education, Science and Community Development (QF).

The subject is of high priority for Shell as the company and its partners work hard to attract, develop and train a strong Qatari workforce.

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